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Plain Speaking - Jargon Free Technical Support

Computer Repairs & Hardware Upgrades

Upgrade hard drives, memory, video and sound cards. Install printers, scanners and burners. Replace laptop hard drives, memory, video cards and wireless network cards.

Virus and Spyware Control

Virus and spyware protection and removal. Please note: thorough virus and malware removal can take some time requiring multiple scans to complete the job properly. Worse case scenario can result in a full format of hard disk drive (wipes all data), requiring a full windows reinstall.

Networking Home, Business & Schools

Wired and wireless network setup. Network printers and NAS boxes Managing servers and workstations. Configuring switch gear for network optimisation. Network IP addresses, usernames, and passwords.

Software Upgrades

Upgrade your operating system, Office suite and other applications.
Install service packs, and security patches. Educational software a specialty.

Internet Set Up

Install broadband ADSL modems and routers, ISP/Internet setup, email setup.

New Computer Setup

Install your new computer for you and set it up the way you want, while optimising performance and security. Most new computers, especially laptops come loaded with programs that you probably don't need or want. These programs consume resources and slow performance down. I can also provide you with a new 'name brand' computer or laptop at a competitive price e.g. Acer, Toshiba, HP, Asus.

Remote Access Support

I provide remote assistance, I can access your computer/server from my office, many issues can be solved remotely.
No waiting for on site service, lower cost.

Help Desk

Help desk service for existing and new clients.


Minimum charge one hour. Hourly rate - $88 then $22 per 1/4 hour.

Pensioner and local residents (postcode 4122) discount 10% ($80 p/hr). Prices as at 1/7/2017. All prices include GST.

Special Offer $70

**One hour - in home quick service, tune up and clean for local residents. Is you computer running slow, taking a long time to boot up or load programs? It may just need a good clean up and performance tune. This service rectifies many common problems. (This offer only available for people living in postcode 4122)

Full Windows Reinstall $195

Service includes re-installing operating system, Vista, Seven, Eight, Microsoft Office suite, email client, Internet access, printer/scanner drivers, windows updates, anti-virus program and all required computer/mother board drivers. Includes transferring 'My Documents' from old installation to new. Does not include comprehensive data backup and transfer.

Please note: I will only reinstall operating system, MS Office suite and other software if you have current valid licenses. For an extra charge, additional software programs can be installed and comprehensive data backup and transfer can be carried out.